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Advocacy and Campaigns

Whether it’s gathering public support for a ballot initiative, shaping policy through communications, or assembling an army of supporters, you want a communications partner who has been in the trenches. You expect success and we do too. We take the time to understand your issue, then apply our experience to develop a strategy and a plan to help you succeed.

Media Relations

The relationship between the media and those seeking news coverage is our favorite topic. We understand the news media and how to work with journalists today. Tactical approaches are changing, as newsrooms shrink and reporters lose their jobs.

As communicators, we are constantly studying and adjusting to these evolving challenges, and then introducing new tactics and engaging in different ways - all to successfully communicate client messages with the media. Competition for media mindshare is more intense than ever, but so are we, always working to find new ways to break through with client messages. Some have called us bulldogs. That sounds right.

Crisis Management

Given the media’s ever-growing interest in investigative reports, it’s likely you’ll have a negative experience with one or more reporters, whether you deserve the scrutiny or not. When that happens, we can help. Our team members have helped clients and organizations manage through some bad crisis scenarios. We have developed strategies to counter bullying by journalists and critical advocates; managed media attacks lobbed from Capitol Hill; helped stave off or tone down award-hunting investigative pieces; and created strategies to take away negative “scoops” from newsroom activists. Whatever the crisis, if a journalist is involved, we can help.

Podcast Journalism

Imagine creating your own radio talk-show content on topics of interest to you and your key stakeholders, delivered over mobile devices and smart speakers, without interference from the news media. Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices, the rising popularity of smart speakers, and the internet, you can, with our help, become your own podcast journalist. We create niche radio shows for clients seeking to tell their own stories, highlight their own issues, and engage their own audiences, without first needing to seek the news media’s approval or permission.

Everyone has a story to tell, or a cause to champion. Likewise, there are audiences eager to get this information, where it is not available today. Podcasts are a must-have tactic in your 2021 communications mix. We can help you successfully compete in the world of on-demand audio content. Just say the word.

Executive Positioning

Every successful leader has a valid and unique perspective for their industry, but the challenge lies in rising above the constant noise. We have advised Cabinet officials, governors, members of Congress, chief executives of publicly-traded companies, and many other business and community leaders. We are neither intimidated by the opportunity nor the messenger, and can help with both. We work to create a strategy to get leaders noticed and solidly established as credible opinion leaders.

Message Training

Decades of experience as spokespeople and thousands of interviews have given us unique insight to guide our clients through message development and training. We have prepared cabinet officials for congressional testimony, candidates for debates and CEOs for skeptical reporters. We promise our training isn’t like any other cookie cutter media training you’ve had before. Because your issues are not the same as everyone else. We want you to be able to successfully deliver your message to your audience. And get to your bottom line.