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Gary Kaasa

Photo By: Michael Robillard

Gary Kaasa provides on-going strategic consulting services for RIESTER Public Affairs. He has led campaigns and public affairs campaigns and programs with a particular focus on research, message, outreach, and development of strategic plans.

With more than 30 years of experience in public affairs, Gary has consulted on a wide variety of projects, including numerous ballot campaigns. Gary has worked on successful independent expenditure and candidate campaigns including school board, city council, mayoral, legislative, statewide officeholder, gubernatorial, and presidential campaigns.

Gary offers expert assistance and advice and provides strategic plans, timelines, budgets, message development, and programs for citizen outreach. He has provided support, advice and direction for clients in the municipal, aviation, post-secondary education, public safety, mining, sports, and tourism sectors.

Gary has worked in concert with local officials to achieve key public policy goals. He has served as the general consultant for numerous ballot measures impacting city and state governments, including bonds, education, parks and preserves, transportation, and public safety.

A former educator, Gary was an Economics and Advanced Placement Economics teacher in the Paradise Valley School District. Gary has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing, and a teaching certificate from the University of Arizona.

Gary also serves as President of the RIESTER Conservation Foundation and on the board of the Camp Colley Foundation.